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Sawdust drying (dryer)

Name:Sawdust drying (dryer)
Details :

Key words: sawdust drying equipment, sawdust drying equipment

Product working principle
Sawdust dryer refers to the powder granular wet sawdust, the use of spiral conveyor will be continuously added to the drying tube for drying equipment
Product performance characteristics
Sawdust dryer: hot blast furnace, a feed inlet, a rotating cylinder, a filter cylinder, conveying pipe, cooling tube and the discharge port; wherein the rotating cylinder is positioned on a driving roller, a driving roller by the motor and reducer drives the rotating cylinder to rotate at low speed, between heat furnace and rotary cylinder is provided with a feed inlet, the rotating cylinder a stir in the leaves, the rotary cylinder and the filter cylinder connected with the baffle, the baffle plate is provided with a small hole, the filter cylinder is connected with the rotating cylinder, and the other end of the material conveying pipe connected to the filter cylinder is provided with a stop block, the filter cartridge is arranged at the bottom of the discharge hole, the cooling tube end of the blower and the material conveying pipe the other end is connected with the discharge port. Because of the structure, so the sawdust can fully dry in the rotating cylinder, and sawdust into material conveying pipe again before fully dispersed, the water evaporates quickly, the block can be blocked by impurities in the sawdust, ensure the quality of material in the conveying pipe in sawdust. The sawdust enters the sawdust drying machine, which is composed of a blowing pipe and a rotary cylinder body, and is fluidized in the cylinder.
Product scope
Product equipment schematic

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